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Mushroom versus football very difficult to solve

2022-07-04 02:06Primitive rugby game
Summary: ... But without potato thunder and another kind of mushroom, football zombies appeared prematurelyLandlord! You are using the web version. There are black football zombies in the web version. The bloo
... But without potato thunder and another kind of mushroom, football zombies appeared prematurely
Landlord! You are using the web version. There are black football zombies in the web version. The blood volume of black football zombies is 3000, which is very difficult to solve. It is recommended to change the version
... I'm a zombie endless version. What should I do when I encounter a version full of mushroom and magnet
Miner: good Dongdong, cooperate with the kid to finish a row. Be careful of magnetic mushrooms, carambola, two-way shooters, three lines, mines. Ladder: I usually use the ladder as an iron gate, which is immune to freezing, but I still choose other zombies where I have strong attack power. Pay attention to magnetic mushrooms. Football: it's used in places where iron barrels and miners can't decide, not yetWhich is the highest defense between iron gate zombies and football zombies
Because the big mushroom can shoot through the door panel with a torrent andMushroom versus football  very difficult to solve directly cause damage to the zombies in the iron gate. When there is a magnetic mushroom, it can suck away the helmet of the football zombie within 3 spaces, so that the defense of the football zombie can be reduced. Let's hope LZ adopts it by handThe stage when plants fight zombies and football Zombies (football zombies)
It doesn't have to be football zombies; Both Wogua and cherry bombs can kill these zombies together). You can also use nuts to defend first, and then match it with many attacking plants (such as big mushroom, small mushroom, pea shooter, ice shooter, etc.). I personally suggest using ice shooter, which can slow downWhy is infinity so strong
And the point-to-point restraint of the ladder also makes it possible to use only 25 more miners + imps in the face of big mushroom + corn + ice (even Rugby attacks are required in the case of cracked pods), and the map that only refreshes small mushroom, sunflower, big mushroom and magnetic mushroom is simply a disasterPlant station zombie
You can add ladders to all the mushrooms, throw pumpkin shells on the mushrooms to the back for disposal, or lay off all the mushrooms and change them into four peas, add fire, add pumpkins and ladders, and plant melancholy behind them. Do you still need sunshine? How do I feelHow do plants fight zombies to defeat football zombies
After passing a level, continue to choose another 4 plants! Answer: your version is different from mine. I have six slots at the beginning and eight in a row of plants at the bottom. No wonder you say it's difficult. It's difficult to choose only four slots... Then you can only try sunny mushrooms, small spray mushrooms, Japanese melons and big spray mushroomsPlants vs zombies football zombie weakness
I've played with it. Grow magnetic mushrooms! Just suck the helmet away
Plants vs zombies 2 bars 2 adventure mode introduction
Without mushroom spray, the second hurdle is the tutorial. This hurdle is more difficult after 2-6 hurdles. Now let's talk about it. Annoying football zombies will appear in level 2-6. However, the good use of hypnotic mushrooms can make the battle easier. Just watch the machine on timeWhat can Diablo football zombies use to kill them? (only 4 plants can be selected)
Sunshine aunt has been planted, No. With nuts, Japanese melons, cherries and big mouth nuts should be planted in advance. Big mouth flowers kill black football. Zombies are often fried with cherries and squatted withMushroom versus football  very difficult to solve Japanese melons
Mushroom versus football very difficult to solve

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